COURSE OUTLINE 1. Overview of Philippine Income Taxa. Income taxb. Business taxc. Withholding tax 2. Overview of Financial Accountinga. PFRSb. PFRS for SME 3. Differences between Accounting and Taxationa. Borrowing costsb. Foreign exchange gains and lossesc. Investment propertiesd. Depreciation and amortizatione. Impairment lossesf. Unrealized gains and lossesg. Retirement benefit expenseh.Continue Reading

Selection interview, if properly done, has a very high predictive power to determine the fitness or otherwise of a job applicant. This course would introduce to the participants the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of selection interviewing either for hiring or promotion purposes. Thus, anyone (Top Management, HR, and LineContinue Reading

COURSE OUTLINE I. Income Tax Returns A. Individuals, Estates and Trusts B. Corporations C. Partnerships, GPPs and Joint VenturesII. Income Tax Rates A. Individual Taxpayers 1. Graduated Income Tax Rates 2. 8% Income Tax on Gross Sales or Receipts B. CorporationsIII. Gross IncomeIV. Exclusions from Gross IncomeV. Deductible Expenses andContinue Reading

COURSE OUTLINE Part One: Basic Principles 1. Fundamental Principles 2. Employer-Employee Relationship 3. Status of Employment Regular Casual Project Fixed Term Seasonal 4. Job Contracting / Labor only Contracts Part Two: Wages and Benefits 1. Wage Formulation 2. Wage Implementation 3. Wage Restoration 4. Benefits     a. Hours of work     b. Leaves     c.Continue Reading

OBJECTIVES Understand the dynamic challenges in today’s collection efforts. Internalize the framework of collections of receivables. Insight on the learnings from conventional collection efforts as a level-up effort. Create the techniques towards effectiveness in collection efforts. Develop the proper mindset towards constantly improving the collections efforts. COURSE OUTLINE Objectives OfContinue Reading

COURSE OUTLINE Defining Management Transition Into Management Three-Step Logic for Managers and Supervisors Understanding People Becoming a People Expert 5.1. Changing Viewpoints 5.2. Expanding Comfort Zone 5.3. Self-Development 5.4. Developing Mindset Management Functions 6.1. Planning 6.2. Leading 6.3. Organizing 6.4. Controlling Delegation Coaching Managerial Grid Situational Leadership Interactive Management LeadershipContinue Reading

COURSE OUTLINE I. Introduction II. Purpose of Audit III. Frequency of Audit A. Exemptions IV. Audit Notices A. Letter of Authority B. Tax Verification Notice C. Letter Notice V. Issuance of Letter of Authority (LA) A. Requirements B. Validity of LA C. Service of LA VI. Issuance of Tax VerificationContinue Reading

OBJECTIVES OF THE SEMINAR at the end of the seminar, participants would be able to:1. Understand the essentials of efficient purchasing management.2. Understand principles and practice of effective procurement management3. Build the skills towards better Purchasing.4. Develop the right focus interms of handling the challenging tasks across the lines ofContinue Reading

OBJECTIVES OF THE SEMINAR Explain the information system necessary to generate the financial statements; Discuss the structure and contents of the financial statements; Compute the financial ratios to analyze financial statements and provide meanings to these ratios; Illustrate the application of the tools for integrative financial analysis; and Describe theContinue Reading

COURSE PHILOSOPHY This is a different learning experience. While others are overviews only, this special program is detailed, specific and action oriented. In the face of the recent DOLE activism in aggressively putting impetus to its VISITORIAL powers, it is essential that Business Owners, Company Executives, Department Heads, HR ManagersContinue Reading