OUTLINE OF CONTENTS: Part One: Opening Prayer, Opening Statements and Introduction of Speaker Part Two: Webinar Proper 1. Rationale For The Adoption of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) 2. Definition of The New Normal 3. The Compelling Need For Flexible Work Arrangements 4. The Five-Way Tests For Viability of FWAs 5.Continue Reading

PROGRAM OVERVIEWCertified Public Accountants (“CPA”), including accountants and bookkeepers, should know the importance of existing BIR revenue issuances in preparing the company’s tax returns. Any mistake committed in preparing tax returns may entail additional cost such as surcharge, interest and compromise penalties. Thus, a taxation module has been developed toContinue Reading

IntroductionAll business organizations engage in procurement from external vendors, suppliers, contractors or subcontractors. Procurement or purchasing and supply management is vital to the operations of any business firm, especially a manufacturer. But even firms engaged in service businesses need dependable sources of supply. Course DescriptionThis is a course on howContinue Reading

PROGRAM OVERVIEWThere is no need to pay more income tax than we have to. Certainly, for those in the know, there are creative but legitimate ways to scale it down both for businesses and individuals. This program will broaden the perspective of the participants to equip them with incisive insightsContinue Reading

PART I – Policies on Employment and Labor Standards A. INTRODUCTION Different Times, Different Ways The New Normal: Flexibility The Spirit of The Law, Not The Letter of The Law The Call For Creativity and Innovations B. EMPLOYMENT POLICIES 5. Status of Employment 5.1) Regular and Permanent,5.2) Regular But Seasonal5.3) Regular ButContinue Reading

PROGRAM OVERVIEWIn this pandemic, your employees’ attitude will significantly affect your company’s survival and success.  It is not uncommon during this trying period for anxiety and negativity to affect the staff resulting in poor sales performance, below-par quality of work, lower productivity, disengaged personnel, and a high turnover rate – andContinue Reading

PROGRAM OVERVIEWThe critical role of a leader or supervisor in this pandemic cannot be overemphasized. If in this challenging times he can effectively guide, control and motivate his team, the desired result will be achieved. Unfortunately, leading a team especially at this juncture is anything but easy. It requires sharpeningContinue Reading

COURSE OBJECTIVESAt the end of the seminar, the participants would be able to design and implement strategic employee compensation and benefits programs in their respective companies in order to attract, motivate, and retain the best workforce. Specifically, they would be able to: Formulate strategies on employee compensation and benefits; PromoteContinue Reading

INTRODUCTIONCommunication is the most essential means to lead people and manage organizations.  Written communication is second only to person-to-person exchange of information, data and knowledge.  But written communication becomes documentary evidence in court, in labor tribunals and administrative agencies. This work attempts to fulfill the dream of every HR professional,Continue Reading

INTRODUCTION* The Worst of Times, the Best of Times* The 4 Missions of Human Resources* The HR Diamond* Abnormal Situations, Out-of-the-box Solutions* Alternative Strategies in Driving Business Survival and Growth 1. ORGANIZATIONAL JUSTICE* Employee Discipline and Grievance Management* Purpose* What Employee Discipline Should Make Sure of* Employee Discipline in all 4 DimensionsContinue Reading