PROGRAM OVERVIEW Can you discipline an employee who refuses to report for work for fear of COVID? How do you handle insubordination, posting of defamatory remarks on social media, theft, gross and habitual neglect of duty, and other violations? A mistake on disciplinary steps could be fatal. Before taking any action, join thisContinue Reading

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONThis is a content-filled sales clinic that is fully loaded with sales techniques and ultra-inspiring sales motivational challenges that will get you and your salespeople back onto your sales targets! WORKSHOP CONTENT– Powerful opening. Encouragement and meaningful mapping of the current situation. – Understanding oneself and the sentiments ofContinue Reading

Introduction   Strategy is the plan of action that prescribes resource allocation and other activities for dealing with the environment and helping the organization attain its goals. Strategic management is the set of decisions and actions used to formulate and implement strategies that will provide a competitively superior fit between the organization and itsContinue Reading

I. DOLE DOCUMENTATIONS 1. Employment-Related Documents 2. Employment-Related Reports 3. Apprenticeship and Learnership 4. Wage Orders and Compliance Documents 5. Benefits Compliance and Reports II. SSS AND ECC DOCUMENTS 1. SSS Membership Form 2. Reports and Remittance 3. Complaints Related to Membership and Remittance 4. Accidents and Death Documents 5.Continue Reading

BackgroundFinancial statements tell the story of a business. The abundance of data contained in the financial statements urges the board and management of business organizations to rely upon them in coming up with sound decisions and in plotting the future of the business. More importantly, investors, creditors, suppliers, and analystsContinue Reading

PROGRAM OVERVIEW This pandemic has uncorked a plethora of novel employment issues and made existing or traditional labor law concerns more pronounced. Needless to say, it has become an imperative for all employers and their respective HR Practitioners to learn and master the basic and advanced concepts and techniques applicable inContinue Reading

Introduction Translating the organizational strategies crafted by the senior-level management into consistently supportive short-term and medium-term performance targets and standards at each level and organizational unit is easier said than done. But this is essential to ensure that strategies are successfully implemented and the desired results obtained. It is alsoContinue Reading

Introduction The webinar shares some essential practical insights in promoting business continuity in response to the pandemic through a work from home arrangement, ensuring that the employees are always productive while they are working remotely. Outline 1. COVID 19 Pandemic and Work Disruption 2. Business Continuity Planning 3. Remote WorkContinue Reading

Rationale of the Seminar Internal controls help an organization achieve its goals. It is a critical component of managing an organization and a foundation for its safe and sound operations. An effective internal control system helps an entity promote orderly, economical, efficient, and effective operations. It seeks to safeguard theContinue Reading

Introduction       Traditionally, a warehouse had been regarded as a passive storage facility for inventories of raw materials, supplies, spare parts, or finished goods. Today, however, new roles are being assigned to warehouses, such as rearranging delivered goods into customer-specific product packages. Some are even performing certain functions that would normallyContinue Reading