TOPIC OUTLINE Is Accounting Art or Math? Understanding the accounting concept as an art form If accounting is an art, why are there rules and where do they come from? Debits and Credits entry made superbly easy Financial Statements and the story they tell LEARN HOW TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGEContinue Reading

COURSE OUTLINE I.  The Withholding Tax System in the PhilippinesII.  Withholding AgentsIII. Payroll AccountingIV. Withholding Tax on CompensationV.  Substituted Filing of Income Tax Return Creditable / Expanded Withholding TaxVII. Final Withholding TaxVIII. Filing and Payment of Withholding TaxesIX. Definition of SAWT and MAPX. Modes of Submission of Alphalist of Employees and PayeesXI. Consequences When Alpha-List Does Not Conform with BIR FormatXII. ApplicableContinue Reading

OBJECTIVES At the end of the seminar, the participants would be able to design and implement strategic employee compensation and benefits programs in their respective companies in order to attract, motivate, and retain the best workforce. Specifically, they would be able to: • Formulate strategies on employee compensation and benefits;Continue Reading

OVERVIEW Accounting for Non-Accountants is a one day seminar about the essentials of accounting. It emphasizes the role of accounting in any business and how it can help owners in managing their business. In this seminar, the participants will learn to understand and analyze financial information and use the resultsContinue Reading

RATIONALE OF THE SEMINAR Internal controls help an organization achieve its goals. It is a critical component of managing an organization and a foundation for its safe and sound operations. An effective internal control system helps an entity promote orderly, economical, efficient, and effective operations. It seeks to safeguard theContinue Reading

DESCRIPTION Business organizations have been losing substantially in their operations with inefficient warehouse processes, procedures as well as practices. These situations, when left unchecked, would provide more avenues towards inefficiency, lag practices, growing concerns on pilferage or shrinkage in storage. Likewise, many employees assigned in the warehousing team do notContinue Reading

PROGRAM OVERVIEW Training your people to sharpen their professional skills is good, but how about their work attitude and values? This is not something you can just brush aside because it impacts, to a large extent, the continuing success of your business. The stark reality is that the way yourContinue Reading

DESCRIPTION This specialized workshop/learning session would provide both a refresher as well as emphasizeon the “essentials” of creating branded Customer Service Experience thru: a) create a responsive first impression impact;b) enhance the communication and conversation skills andc) perform timely and appropriate service recovery initiatives LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end ofContinue Reading

March-25-HR-101-and-201 v3

COURSE OUTLINE HR 101: THE BASIC OF HR Module 1: HR Management in Perspective Personnel Management • Human Resource Management • Human Capital Management • HR Roles of Line Managers Module 2: HR Goals and Objectives Module 3: Core Functions of HR • Recruitment and Selection • Training and DevelopmentContinue Reading

FIRST: THE PHILOSOPHY, PRINCIPLES AND PROCESSES1. The Meaning and Purpose of Employee Discipline2. The Relations Between Employee Discipline and Company Viability, Productivity,Quality and Competitiveness3. The Complete Cycle of Employee Discipline (F/P/C/I/M/A)4. The Procedure of Formulating Company Personnel Policy SECOND: THE DIFFERENT PARTS OF COMPANY PERSONNEL POLICIES5. The Four Elements ofContinue Reading