Content Marketing + Social Media Marketing = Best Tandem EverIn an ideal world, content marketing and social media marketing work best in tandem, creating strong results when used properly in context of the audiences and assets involved. Developing A Social Media StrategyA social media strategy defines how an organization canContinue Reading

Objectives of the Training After the seminar, the participants should be able to: Identify the specific BIR rules and regulations in preparing tax returns Determine the assessment procedures conducted by the BIR Know the current techniques used by BIR in tax audit and investigation Familiarize with tax remedies and taxContinue Reading

Module 1: Employee Compensation and Benefits in Perspective • Employee Compensation and Benefits Concepts • Considerations in Employee Compensation and Benefits Planning • Linking Employee Compensation and Benefits to Competitive Advantage Module 2: Determining Pay for Position • Revisiting the Organization Structure • Job Assessment and Job Definition • JobContinue Reading

I. Value Added Tax (VAT) A. Nature and background B. Kinds of VAT Tax rates II. Who are required to register as VAT Taxpayers? A. When is a new VAT taxpayer required to apply and register? B. Who may opt to register as VAT? III. Output tax IV. Input taxContinue Reading