DESCRIPTION This specialized workshop/learning session would provide both a refresher as well as emphasizeon the “essentials” of creating branded Customer Service Experience thru: a) create a responsive first impression impact;b) enhance the communication and conversation skills andc) perform timely and appropriate service recovery initiatives LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the end ofContinue Reading

ABOUT THE EXPO In preparation for a bigger event in the UAE next year for Dubai Expo 2020, we give way this year for Negosyo Expo PHILIPPINES! Entrepreneur Support, Business Boost & Promotion, Business Matching, Community Service through Business Empowerment Seminar, Investments, Business Opportunities, Franchising SPREAD THE NEWS! WHAT YOUContinue Reading

Studies show that 60% of sales are closed after the fifth attempt. So, the important question is how many closing techniques do your sales people know and use? Do they know at least 5 techniques? If they cannot name even 5 techniques, how could you expect them to close moreContinue Reading

COURSE OUTLINE I.  The Withholding Tax System in the PhilippinesII.  Withholding AgentsIII. Payroll AccountingIV. Withholding Tax on CompensationV.  Substituted Filing of Income Tax Return Creditable / Expanded Withholding TaxVII. Final Withholding TaxVIII. Filing and Payment of Withholding TaxesIX. Definition of SAWT and MAPX. Modes of Submission of Alphalist of Employees and PayeesXI. Consequences When Alpha-List Does Not Conform with BIR FormatXII. ApplicableContinue Reading

COURSE OUTLINE I. DOLE DOCUMENTATIONS 1. Employment-Related Documents 2. Employment-Related Reports 3. Apprenticeship and Learnership 4. Wage Orders and Compliance Documents 5. Benefits Compliance and Reports II. SSS AND ECC DOCUMENTS 1. SSS Membership Form 2. Reports and Remittance 3. Complaints Related to Membership and Remittance 4. Accidents and DeathContinue Reading

TOPIC OUTLINE I. EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH THE WHY a. Why am I here? b. Why is work important c. Why is my role important II. SELF DISCOVERY a. How I perceive myself b. How I am perceived c. How I want to be perceived III. SELF LEADERSHIP – WHO DOContinue Reading

Stepback Leadership talks about the lost leadership art of the Filipinos. It is based on the cultural archeological work on Ifugao Rice Terraces that was published in the book, Stepback: The Lost Art of Filipino Leadership. Stepback is the practice of putting the people at the center of leadership. MoreContinue Reading

OBJECTIVES At the end of the seminar, participants would be able to;Understand the essentials towards better Strategic Business Planning.Understand the next 12 months of the business and economic environment. COURSE OUTLINE Module 1:The Challenges of Creating Business Plans(A walkthrough on self-grounding of business, marketing and sales planning). Module 2:Why Planning Has ToContinue Reading

RATIONALE OF THE SEMINAR Internal controls help an organization achieve its goals. It is a critical component of managing an organization and a foundation for its safe and sound operations. An effective internal control system helps an entity promote orderly, economical, efficient, and effective operations. It seeks to safeguard theContinue Reading


FLY HIGH AS AN AGILE ORGANIZATION INNOVATION, IMAGINATION & REVISIONING The 2-day Total Rewards Congress will reframe our Total Rewards assumptions and question what we are hard-wired about: what is working and what is not. Are your Total Rewards strategies and structures relevant in 2020 and beyond? Presentations will addressContinue Reading