This is a content-filled sales clinic that is fully loaded with sales techniques and ultra-inspiring sales motivational challenges that will get you and your salespeople back onto your sales targets!

– Powerful opening. Encouragement and meaningful mapping of the current situation.

– Understanding oneself and the sentiments of the customers

– Sales conversion competencies and priming words

– Customer profiling techniques: How to connect and how to sell

– Learn the difference between buyers’ logical and Emotional triggers

– Sales creativity

– What is a ‘market equaliser’?

– Using body language, and speech analysis to read your customer, reveal if they are hot leads or cold leads


Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity to listen to this world class sales motivator as he shares with you 3hr solid hours of gems in from the world of expert selling.

1) Understanding the current market, where it is now and where is it heading to. What should be do and what attitude are we having towards the current disruption? What stage of the pandemic are we at and what can we expect? What are the behaviour patterns of buyers and how can we be nimble and reinvent quickly?

2) Customer profiling, Different customers make purchases for different reasons. During this pandemic, identify the reason for the purchase and what they are looking for in the product. This will enable the sales professional to do precision selling. What are the customers looking for in their purchase? How can we identify new selling points?

3) Logic and Emotional triggers
Some products are bought when the logic mind is satisfied. This means that the customer wants all his logical questions answered. i.e. Why do I need it? Is your product /company reliable? What are the returns on my investment? Do you have references for me to refer to? How long have you been in the market? Etc.

However, most products are sold once the logical mind and emotions are satisfied. Often, we just not only selling the product but we are selling feeling of satisfaction end of the light after the purchase had been made. Customers like to feel that they have made the right decision. This will be a vital part in the sales technique training. People process logically but act emotionally. Essentially, salespeople are selling both the logic and emotional aspect of a customer.

4) Sale creativity and market equaliser
Changes it the market condition can really turn things around. Market leaders suddenly becomes laggers and small business are presented opportunities to leap forward. Lots of mind-blower examples to illuminate your thoughts and add lots of new tools in your toolbox. The speaker will then trigger you to think how you can do little tweaking in your own business and take advantage of this changing landscape.

5) Body Language and speed reading of customers
The speaker has an amazing superskill in reading your customers. He will share with your how to read a ‘hot lead or cold lead’, to know if your customer is a right brainer or left brainer.

6) Sales Motivation
Our speaker has a colourful career to his credit and will be able to fire up your sales team to achieve greater sales results. His powerful real-life motivational stories will inspire your team immensely. Throughout the workshop, he will weave in powerful stories, keeping the participants inspired throughout. The participants will acquire both new skillsets and renewed mindset.


This is a high energy workshop which will keep you riveted in your seats throughout the presentation.

  • High energy
  • Rich content with full engagement
  • Fun with good humour
  • There will be lots of case studies and internalisation.
  • Maximum use of audio and visual


  • Competent Sales staff
  • Reignited and more confident in their sales
  • Understanding and applying the different sales techniques
  • Acquiring some body language and profiling skills

Limited slots are available. Hurry! Join us now.


Regular Rate           Php 1,499.00 + VAT starting September 19, 2020
Early Bird Rate        Php 1,399.00 + VAT until September 18, 2020
Group Rate              Php 1,299.00 + VAT per pax for 5 or more pax

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  2. Ensure that there is a proper internet WIFI connection
  3. Use a working webinar streaming device.

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Thank you and enjoy!

Keep safe and God Bless!

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