Rationale of the Seminar

Internal controls help an organization achieve its goals. It is a critical component of managing an organization and a foundation for its safe and sound operations. An effective internal control system helps an entity promote orderly, economical, efficient, and effective operations. It seeks to safeguard the resources and maintain reliable financial and management data. It enables compliance with laws and regulations and helps in mitigating the risk of unexpected losses or damage to the organization and its reputation.

As an organization engages in its day-to-day activities and in the management of risks, the corresponding internal controls to mitigate those risks become more important. At the same time, the internal audit unit can only be functional if it can evaluate internal control activities and provide the management an assurance of their adequacy before any problem becomes large and destructive. An effectively-functioning control system will build the organization’s capacity to deliver its products and services sustainably to its clients or customers.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the seminar, the participants are expected to
1. Explain the nature of internal control and its relationship with risk and audit and how they drive value for an organization;
2. Discuss the regulatory requirements for internal control system, including the framework, components, and measures and how they can be implemented in real business operations;
3. Describe the various principles and applications of internal controls that could help in achieving performance goals and objectives; and
4. Assess internal control practices and devise workable solutions for identified internal control weaknesses.

Outline of Topics

Session 1 – Understanding the Trilogy of Risk, Control, and Audit
The Nature of Internal Control and its Relationship to Risk and Audit
Mapping Internal Controls in the International Landscape
The Five Components of Internal Control System

Session 2 – Internal Control Applications in Business
Internal Control Activities for Company Assets
Internal Control Activities for Company Liabilities

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