Communication is the most essential means to lead people and manage organizations.  Written communication is second only to person-to-person exchange of information, data and knowledge.  But written communication becomes documentary evidence in court, in labor tribunals and administrative agencies.

This work attempts to fulfill the dream of every HR professional, to improve the quality of written communication in leading human capital and managing human behavior in business organizations.  From talent acquisition (recruitment) to total rewards management (compensation and benefits) and from learning and development (training) to organizational justice (labor relations and employee engagement), we need standardized template to guide HR professionals.


A.EMPLOYMENT FORMS (Talent Acquisition)
1. Job Offer/Appointment Form
2. Contract of Employment (Probationary)For Outsourced Staff
3. Contract of Employment (Permanent)
4. Contract of Employment (Project-Based)
5. Contract of Employment (Fixed-Term)
6. Contract of Employment (Regular/Seasonal)
7. Annex to Probationary Employment (Reasonable Standards of Performance)
8. Evaluation Form to Assess Probationary Employee’s Performance
9. Notice of Evaluation To Permanent Status
10. Annual Performance Evaluation Form
11. Job Description Form (Job Contract)
12. Table of Organizational with Job Grades
13. Qualification Standards Form
14. Job Applicants’ Evaluation Forms
15. Notice of Job Enrichment (Amendment)

16. Notice of Change in Compensation (Basic Pay)
17. Notice of Statutory Deduction From Pay
18. Notice of Rectification of Erroneous Deduction
19. Notice of Promotional Adjustments of Basic Pay and Benefits (To Be Sent Individually)
20. Computation Form (Overtime Pay)
21. Computation Form (Night Time Differential)
22. Computation Form (Holiday Pay)
23. Computation Form (Holiday Premium Pay)
24. Computation Form (Rest Day Premium Pay)
25. Computation Form (13th Month Pay)
26. Computation Form (Service Incentive Pay Leave Pay)
27. Computation Form (Translating Monthly Pay to Daily Pay)
28. Computation Form (Translating Daily Pay to Monthly Pay)
29. Computation Form (Retirement Pay)
30. Computation Form (Separation Pay)
31. Computation Form (Full Back wages Pay)
32. Notification Form (Paternity Leave)
33. Notification Form (Maternity Leave)(Amended by R.A. 11058)
34. Notification Form (Emergency Leave)
35. Notification Form (Sick Leave)
36. Notification Form (Vacation Leave)
37. Notification Form (VAWC)
38. Notification Form (Solo Parent Leave)
39. Notification Form (OB-GYNE Leave)
40. Notification Form (Study Leave)
41. Prior Authority/Instruction to Render Overtime Work
42. Prior Authority to Render Work on Rest Day or Holiday
43. Post Overtime/Extra Work Report
44. Report Form To be Excused from Rendering Overtime Work
45. Inquiry Form on Non-Payment or Underpayment of Certain Benefits

46. Notice of Instruction to Attend a Learning Session (Short-Term)
47. Notice of Enrollment In a Long-Term Learning Experience
48. Training Agreement (With Undertaking To Render Work or to Pay Training Costs)
49. Non-Compete Agreement (Related to Training)
50. Post Training Report (With Attached Training Materials)

D.LABOR RELATIONS FORM (Organizational Justice)
51. Notice of Classification of Managerial Supervisors and Confidential Employees
52. Notice of Voluntary Recognition of a Legitimate Labor Organization
53. Notice of Management Conformity to the Holding of a Consent Election
54. Notice of Intent to Negotiate/Bargain Collectively
55. Management’s Reply to Union’s Notice to Negotiable
56. Management’s Formal Counter-Proposals to Union’s CBA Demands (With Proposal Ground Rules)
57. Notice of Appointment of Management Negotiating Panel
58-A. Formal Request to Meet on Revised Proposals and Counter-Proposals (Union’s Request)
58-B. Formal Request to Meet on Revised Proposals and Counter-Proposals (Management’s Request)
59. Joint Notice of CBA Negotiation Schedule
60. Sample Agenda To Be Appended To The Joint Notice Of CBA Negotiation Schedule
61. Formal Request to NCMB to Supervise the Conduct of Strike Vote
62. Formal Request to the DOLE Secretary for Assumption of Jurisdiction
63. Formal Request for Certification of a Strike Case to the NLRC for Compulsory Arbitration
64. Formal Request for Transforming a Strike Dispute Into a Voluntary Arbitration Case
65. Formal Request to the Police Concerning Commission of Illegal Acts During a Strike
66. Formal Request to DOLE For a Return-to-Work Order
67. Formal Announcement of Cessation of Strike-Related Hostilities
68. Notice of Lockout
69. Formal Announcement of Lockout Vote By the Board of Directors
70. Formal Announcement of Resumption of Operation

71. Disciplinary Action Incident Report
72. Employee Discipline Log Book Specific Entry
73. Written Notice of Specific Charge
74. Planning the Investigation Employee Discipline Investigation Plan
75. Pre-Investigation Preparation Form [List of Witnesses and Documentary Evidence]
76. Sample Administrative Discipline Process Form
77. Minutes of Administrative Investigation
78. Administrative Discipline Decision Form
79. Notice of Preventive Suspension
80. Notice of Punitive Suspension
81. Matrix of Gravity and Frequency of Administrative Offenses
82. Matrix of Aggravating and Mitigating Factors
83. Notice of Termination of Employment (With Full Penalties)
84. Notice of Termination of Employment (With Conditional Management Clemency)
85. Notice of Computation of Final Pay of a Dismissed Employee
86. Notice of Retrenchment or Closure Due to Financial Losses
87. Notice To The Affected Employee On Retrenchment or Closure
88. Notice of Redundancy to DOLE
89. Notice of Redundancy (To The Affected Employee)
90. Notice of Separation Based on Medical Reason, or Related Causes
91. Notice of Approval of Voluntary Resignation
92. Notice of Approval of Application for Optional Retirement
93. Notice of Compulsory Retirement
94. Notice To AWOL Employees (With Instruction to Return to Work)
95. Notice of Final Instruction to Report For Work (With a Formal Notice of Specific Charge)
96. Notice of Special Award for Loyalty (Long Years in Service)
97. Notice of Commendation For Excellent Performance Outside the Place of Work (With Monetary Award)
98. Notice of On-The-Spot Promotion With Salary Increase For Outstanding Performance
99. Certificate of Employment (With Honor)
100 .Certificate of Employment (With Unfavorable Records)
101. Notice of Retirement


* Former Undersecretary of Department of Labor and Employment
* 2014 President of People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)
* 15 years of successful government service and 20 productive years in the business sector:
* 12 years in San Miguel Corporation, 3 years in Petron/PNOC and 5 years in Pepsi Cola
* He has been a professor of Law and Humanities in various universities with a total academic experience of more than 30 years
* He has had successful stints as Labor Attache in Taichung, Taiwan, in Malaysia and in Kuwait
* He is an experienced labor relations lawyer with various training exposures here and in New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Geneva, Beijing, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Taiwan, Bahrain, Dubai and Honolulu, Hawaii.
* He has been recognized as a FELLOW in Personnel Management, a rare honor given only to the top 5% of the country’s HR Professionals
* An author (of several books), a newspaper columnist, a Bar Reviewer, etc.
* He graduated from the College of Law Magna Cum Laude and Class Valedictorian
* At the University of the Philippines where he was an MM (Masters in Management) full scholar, he was conferred by then UP President O.D. Corpuz, a Certificate of Merit for Academic Excellence.
* Born in Argao, Cebu

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