Course Outline:

I. Types of Audit and Assessments

a. Audit and Investigation Procedures

b. Third Party Info Matching

c. Post Audit Review

d. Benchmarking Notice

II. Service and Audit Notices to Examine Books and Records Audit Jurisdiction

a. Letter of Authority (LA)

b. Tax Verification Notice (TVN)

c. Letter Notice (LN)

III. Priority Target in Taxpayers Audit

IV. Amendment of Return

V. Fraudulent Return

VI. Remedies Relative to Preliminary Assessment Notice

VII. Formal Letter of Demand and Assessment Notice

VIII. Assessment of Income Tax 

IX. Authority to Make Assessments

X. Assessment is not Required for Tax Evasion Cases

XI. Remedies Available to the Taxpayer Under the Tax Code in Connection with the Collection of Taxes

a. Administrative Remedies

b. Judicial Remedies

XII. Remedies Available to the Government

a. Distraint of Personal Property

b. Levy of Real Property

c. Enforcement of Forfeiture of Property

d. Enforcement of Tax Lien

e. Entering Into Compromise of Tax Cases

f. Requiring the Filing of Bonds

g. Requiring Proof of Filing Income Tax Returns

h. Giving of Rewards to Informers

i. Imposition of Surcharge and Interest

XIII. Guidelines as to Finality of Assessments

XIV. Remedies For The Collection Of Delinquent Taxes

XV. Authority of the Commissioner to Compromise, Abate and Refund or Credit Taxes

XVI. Minimum Compromise Settlement

a. Compromise Settlement – Coverage

b. Compromise Settlement – Doubtful Validity

c. Compromise Settlement Financial Incapacity

d. Compromise Settlement Exclusion

XVII. Power of the Commissioner to Make Assessments

XVIII. Power of the Commissioner to Suspend The Business Operations of A Taxpayer

SPEAKER – Atty. Arnold Apdua, CPA Managing Partner of AAA and Co., CPAs and Former BIR Revenue Officer

-Fifteen (15) years of meaningful experience in tax practice
-Seven (7) years as Revenue Officer of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and eight (8) years as individual practitioner.
-Tax lawyer of Quasha Ancheta Peña Nolasco Law Office.
-Managing Partner of AAA and Co., CPAs
-Professional career as an associate auditor of Sycip Gorres Velayo and Co. (SGV & Co.) in 2004
-BIR as Revenue Officer where he performed tax audit and investigations including regular and special tax investigations
-BIR Special Task Force such as drafting the BIR Industry Audit Manual and tax compliance audit of government agencies.
-Several commendations from the BIR including consistent Top Revenue Collector in BIR Mandaluyong from 2009 to 2011
-Noted expertise in handling transactional taxes

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