Description :

Despite the 2 months ECQ period, the need to be liquid still is a necessity to businesses. This is an on-line session that would provide the necessary knowledge and information with regards the challenges in the practice of collections of receivables during these times. A necessary function for any business to ensure that they can also manage finances better.

Main Topics :

  • Challenges In Collection Efforts In A Pandemic
  • Understand Bottlenecks In Collection
  • Strategies Towards Collection Efforts
  • Implementing Action And Initiative
  • Moving Forwardns For Crisis In PMS

Certified Strategic Business Consultant/Adviser Innovation

  • International Management & Process Trainer – Singapore/Japan (AOTS/JICA)
  • Lead Strategic Facilitator – ASEAN Center Of People Competency Excellence
  • International Certified Sales/Service Trainer – Australia/New Zealand/
  • 1st Filipino Certified Instructor Leadership/Strategic Innovation -Germany
  • Certified Facilitator/Coach Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership, USA
  • EQ/Behavioral Psychology Mentor/Coach – Daniel Goleman /DISK/NLP

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