The COVID19 pandemic is causing stress, anxiety, and fear that deeply affect employee engagement and productivity. In this webinar, the participants will be able to take away research-based personal wellbeing strategies based on brain science and growth mindset. These strategies are critical in thriving in the new normal. Bonus: mini retreat.


“The webinar was truly an eye-opener for me. I believe that the first step of progress will always be to acknowledge that a growth mindset is necessary. Although there are setbacks, we should always be reminded that no matter how down we currently are, there is always an opportunity to stand up and shake it all off.”
-Katrina Camille Que, Memory Athlete

“I am so much internally reorganised by your recent webinar about growth mindset. I was especially, touched by the creative visualizations. It was a part of the seminar that wraps it all directed me into the propose of the seminar slowly by visualising my purpose through a vision, an image creation. This activity made me recall what I realised in Think and Grow Rich that image creation (perhaps through writing) accomplishes half of the task to be done in implementing goals.”
-Edmar Oandasan (based in Spain)

* International Certified Workplace Mental Health Leader (Queen’s University, Toronto)
* Growth Mindset Mentor
* Member: Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Sciences
* Member, Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, Inc
* Graduated with Distinction Doctor in Arts Major in Language and Literature
* Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certification (Queens University, Canada)
* Whole School Mental Health Leadership Certification (UK)
* Specialist in Language Testing and Assessment (Singapore)
* She helps organizations develop growth mindset and wellbeing strategies to promote resilience and productivity in the New Normal. Her signature mini-retreats have touched thousands of lives.

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