Business organizations have been losing substantially in their operations with inefficient warehouse processes, procedures as well as practices. These situations, when left unchecked, would provide more avenues towards inefficiency, lag practices, growing concerns on pilferage or shrinkage in storage. Likewise, many employees assigned in the warehousing team do not have the basic knowledge or skills towards better productivity in their work assignments. This further complicates the challenges towards better stocking, inventory and distribution.

This seminar builds a strong foundation towards the essentials of planning and warehouse operations. The focus is on the basics of the framework, essence and practices towards efficiency and productivity.


at the end of the session, participants will have:

  • A self-grounding on the basics and the essence of the Warehouse function
  • Internalize the essentials toward Warehousing Management inventory
  • Build a working knowledge to create better Warehousing productivity


Company Losing In Inefficiency On Warehousing:

Essence Of The Function
(touches on the essence of Warehousing, lost profitability, cost disadvantages and weaker financial health of a business)

Warehousing Challenges 
assessing the design of the Warehouse model of the organization

Concepts In Warehouse And Distribution Management
(builds the “reasons behind” or concepts that have shaped the operations)

Warehouse Operations And Process Framework
(journey that traces the key components necessary to organize the team and strengthen the understanding of follow-thru in implementation)

Layout And Space Utilization
(realization of space for utilization and the science of Proxemics)

Inventory Management
(approaches towards an efficient inventory management model)

Stock And Control Management
(approaches towards an efficient stock and control management)

Picking And Storage Management
(ensure a moving inventory of stocks on a managed basis)

Distribution Challenges
(identifies the key issues in the Logistics Management area)

Equipment Maintenance
(covers the practical approach towards better maintenance  of  equipments)

Materials Handling
(highlights on the proper approach in materials handling)


Warehouse Management

March 18, 2020| 9:00am – 4:30pm | RCBC Plaza Makati
(Inclusive of seminar kit, certificates and am snacks, lunch and pm snacks)


Php 3,995 + VAT
Until March 4

Inclusive of seminar kit, certificates and am snacks, lunch and pm snacks


Php 4,695 + VAT
Until March 5-11

Inclusive of seminar kit, certificates and am snacks, lunch and pm snacks


Php 5,295 + VAT
Starting March 12

Inclusive of seminar kit, certificates and am snacks, lunch and pm snacks


Php 4,295 + VAT
5 pax or more

Inclusive of seminar kit, certificates and am snacks, lunch and pm snacks


  1. To avail of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, payment should be made no more than five (5) days after registration.
  2. For the seminar fee to be refunded, cancellation should be made not less than four (4) days before the date of the workshop.
  3. Certificates will be given only to those who have actually attended the seminar. Those who register and pay but will not attend the workshop will be given handouts but not certificates.
  4. Powermax Consulting Group will take video footage and/or photos of the seminar which may or may not include your recognizable image. By participating in this event, you consent to your voice, name, image, and/or likeness being used without compensation, in any form or medium, as part of the recording of the event and for any other commercial purposes (including in advertising and promotional materials).
  5. The materials for this seminar are protected. Any form of audio, video or image recording of the seminar or PowerPoint slides used by the speaker is strictly prohibited.
  6. Only the handouts will be given by the speaker. He / she is not obliged to provide a copy of other training materials like the Powerpoint file.
  7. Companies / Organizations / Individuals with business(es) competitive with the businesses of Powermax Consulting Group (i.e., seminars, training, consultancy, and the like) are not allowed to register unless with written consent by the management of Powermax. Full disclosure of business line in registration is required. If anyone registers without full disclosure, and it is discovered that his business or one of his businesses is competitive with that of Powermax, his registration will be forfeited.
  8. The management of Powermax reserves the right to refuse entry or evict any person who breaches these terms and conditions or deemed to be intoxicated or disorderly or under the influence of drugs;
  9. The management of Powermax reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event because of unforeseen circumstances, fortuitous events, or any other unfavorable situations or conditions;
  10. If the seminar is cancelled because of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, Powermax will either refund the seminar fees paid by the participants / participating companies (but not the incidental costs such as transportation, plane tickets, hotel accommodation, per diem, and the like) or roll over the payment for other seminars of Powermax (provided that the seminar fee is the same or the difference will be rectified) depending on the preference of the participants / participating companies.
  11. Upon reservation, your seat(s) will be reserved but there will be no seating arrangement. Preferred seats will be on a first-come first-served basis.

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