Stepback Leadership talks about the lost leadership art of the Filipinos. It is based on the cultural archeological work on Ifugao Rice Terraces that was published in the book, Stepback: The Lost Art of Filipino Leadership. Stepback is the practice of putting the people at the center of leadership.

More than 2,000 years ago, our Filipino ancestors built the rice terraces out of the Cordillera Mountains in northern Philippines using a unique form of leadership. All other Wonders of the Ancient World were believed to have been built by either salaried skilled workers or slaves. But, the Ifugao Rice Terraces standout for two intriguing reasons: One, because they were constructed by freemen. Two, no single leader was ever identified for its creation. And to make it even more interesting: It’s the only remaining functional ancient structure that exists today.

Stepback Leadership compact course gives you an insight about the lost art of leading and managing in the Philippines, where we put the people, not the leader, at the center of leadership. It is our precolonial treasure that was buried and forgotten for hundreds of years.

The goal of the the program is to rediscover our greatness, reclaim our original identity, and learn about our ancient leadership philosophy and management systems—which we have lost due to a series of invasion.


• The main cause of most leadership crises today
• The kind of leadership that breaks the people and the organization
• The common errors our leaders unconsciously make

• The leadership philosophy and management practices that the Filipino ancestors used to build the 2,000-year-old terraces
• The leadership identity and root of Filipino greatness
• PLG Leadership Model
• The Steps Leadership Process
• The application of ancient leadership wisdom in today’s modern business

People + Goal – Leader = No Direction
People + Leader – Goal = No Destination
Leader + Goal – People = No Function
So: The only reason you are called a leader is the people.
Therefore: Put the people at the center of leadership.

• Business Leaders and Company Executives, including Expats
• Department Heads, esp. those in Human Resource
• Middle Managers
• Supervisors

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