Two truly amazing superskill which will enable you to profile people by reading their body language and reading faces. These two workshops will equip you with the skills that enables you to read and understand a person better Giving your unbelievable advantage.

Body Language

Master the art of reading people from their verbal and non-verbal expressions. Know exactly how people are feeling even if they don’t tell you. Use this special skill to build relationships, make critical decisions, and never be fooled by deceptions.

Acquire the piercing ability to read and perceive emotions, clues and subtle signs, no matter how minute, brief or small they are displayed. Use this knowledge and privilege information to better adapt to one’s environment or circumstances.

In this workshop, we will have something for everyone

– How to read the emotions of the staff, know when they are feeling uncomfortable, depressed, distracted etc

Human Resource
– Learn how to spot red flags and get advance warning that something is going wrong.
– Learn how to hire right during a job interview. Know how to ask the write questions and retrieve all the necessary information


– Learn how to use body language to your advantage during a meeting, and negotiation.
– Learn how to read a buyer during sales meeting

Common question: I already know something about body language, and I believe that some individuals can conceal their expression, so this training will not really be effective.

Although body language is possible to conceal to a small extent, facial emotional reflectors are much more involuntary and unconscious reactions and impossible to conceal.

It is hard to conceal what you are actually feeling. These traces of evidence of truth will appear as a brief, involuntary facial expression revealing how one really feels and thinks behind those spoken words or actions; or what one is trying hard to conceal.

You will be taught how to set up the right questioning environment that will expose maximum emotional reflectors of your subject. This has proven very effective even against the most trained individual. Former President Clinton was caught lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky using these techniques.

The people around you leave hundreds of these signals every day. Learn how to catch these signals and use them to your advantage.

Who Has The Ability To Detect Emotions?

Only 50 out of every 20,000 people are naturals when it comes to reading body signals.  i.e. 0.25% of the population

  • The average person barely notices 15% of these hidden expressions.
  • Few people are likely to be 100% accurate all the time.
  • However, with keen observation and honing of this skill, you can increase your ability to 80-95% accuracy i.e. close to becoming a human lie detector.
  • Men and women have the same level of accuracy potential.  Gender difference does not affect their ability to discern accurately. 

Presentation Style

Fast and robust
Lots of fun and humour
Thought provoking and fascinating
100% audience engagement
High energy
Lots of take-a-ways

You will also learn power Body Language secrets which will help you read people even further. Detect lies and deceit and never be fooled again.

For sales, learn how to read your customers and determined if they are Hot leads or Cold leads in an Instant.

Know how to use your own body language for influence and negotiation and get people to agree with you.

Face Reading

This skill is based on the science of Epigenetics. Epigenetics subscribes that a person’s DNA remains the same throughout their lifetime, but a person’s gene expression is influence by a spectrum of factors including, thinking styles, life experiences, beliefs, environment, etc   and therefore, their life is mapped on their faces.

What you will learn:

  1. Identify over 100 reading points on the face.
  2. Interpret the reading points and what each means.
  3. How to use the information effectively.

What else:

You will be able to read a person very accurately in terms of:

  1. Whether the person is a more rational type or more of an emotional type.
  2. Friendly or reserved.
  3. Some information on a person’s professional and personal life.
  4. Know if a person has gone through rough patches and personal grief.
  5. An optimistic or pessimistic person.

plus many other useful information
(This is not an eastern fortune telling skill, it is purely scientific based)

What can you do with this skill?

  • This will enable you to have an idea about people from a photo before meeting them.
  • Leaders will know the profile of a person he is leading
  • It is great for HR during hiring, knowing accurately the candidate they are hiring.
  • Salespeople will be able to understand the type of profile he/she is speaking to and how your client process information. This allows you to do your sales pitch your sales to compliment the personality type
  • Networking – get to know how to connect with people

Fun skill to have for parties.

Inclusive of am snacks, lunch and pm snacks

Super Saver Rate
Php 3,995 + VAT

until Aug 15

Early Bird Rate
Php 4,995 + VAT

until Aug 16-30

Regular Rate
Php 5,695 + VAT

starting Sep 1

Group Rate
Php4,595 + VAT
per pax
[5 pax or more]

Walk-In Rate
Php5,995 + VAT


  1. To avail of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, payment should be made no more than five (5) days after registration.
  2. For the seminar fee to be refunded, cancellation should be made not less than four (4) days before the date of the workshop.
  3. Certificates will be given only to those who have actually attended the seminar. Those who register and pay but will not attend the workshop will be given handouts but not certificates.
  4. Powermax Consulting Group will take video footage and/or photos of the seminar which may or may not include your recognizable image. By participating in this event, you consent to your voice, name, image, and/or likeness being used without compensation, in any form or medium, as part of the recording of the event and for any other commercial purposes (including in advertising and promotional materials).
  5. The materials for this seminar are protected. Any form of audio, video or image recording of the seminar or PowerPoint slides used by the speaker is strictly prohibited.
  6. Only the handouts will be given by the speaker. He / she is not obliged to provide a copy of other training materials like the Powerpoint file.
  7. Companies / Organizations / Individuals with business(es) competitive with the businesses of Powermax Consulting Group (i.e., seminars, training, consultancy, and the like) are not allowed to register unless with written consent by the management of Powermax. Full disclosure of business line in registration is required. If anyone registers without full disclosure, and it is discovered that his business or one of his businesses is competitive with that of Powermax, his registration will be forfeited.
  8. The management of Powermax reserves the right to refuse entry or evict any person who breaches these terms and conditions or deemed to be intoxicated or disorderly or under the influence of drugs;
  9. The management of Powermax reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event because of unforeseen circumstances, fortuitous events, or any other unfavorable situations or conditions;
  10. If the seminar is cancelled because of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, Powermax will either refund the seminar fees paid by the participants / participating companies (but not the incidental costs such as transportation, plane tickets, hotel accommodation, per diem, and the like) or roll over the payment for other seminars of Powermax (provided that the seminar fee is the same or the difference will be rectified) depending on the preference of the participants / participating companies.
  11. Upon reservation, your seat(s) will be reserved but there will be no seating arrangement. Preferred seats will be on a first-come first-served basis.

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